Les fruits ont une âme

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This is the art of turning fruit into alcohol


Several stages are involved in making a brandy.

The distilling process begins with sourcing the best available fresh fruits which are meticulously selected for fermentation. Harvested fruit is placed in vats to kick start the natural fermentation process (except for raspberries which need crushing prior to distilling due to their low sugar content).

Fermenting fruit

It takes around two days for the natural yeast in fruit to start fermenting. Within one or two weeks the natural sugar in the fruit has turned into alcohol.

The distiller strictly monitors the fermentation process and either slows it down or impedes it by sealing the vats before proceeding with the distilling phase.

Crushing berries

Fruit with a low sugar content like raspberries and wild berries need a little nudge to kick start the fermentation process. They are steeped or ‘infused’ in brandy over four weeks in quantities set down by law. During this period light fermentation takes place. The distiller then uses his or her skill to decide when the distillation process should begin.


In the autumn months distillation takes place at a leisurely pace in small copper alambic Charentais-style double distillation stills heated over an open flame. To put it simply, distilling involves boiling off alcoholic vapours from the fermented mash through intense heat and collecting them as condensed liquid in the required combination of water and alcohol.